Privacy Policy

Unlike many other user-generated content sharing platforms, pornographic and sexually explicit material is accepted on Bodaibleu. That being said, all content that is uploaded to our platform must adhere to our Terms of Service. Bodaibleu takes a number of actions to help protect the safety of our community, and integrity of our platform.

We also have a dedicated Trust and Safety team that develops and maintains safety policy initiatives, and works closely with a number of global organizations. Our team systematically monitors and reviews our policies to increase safety and efficacy, as well as to ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory changes around the world.

To help users understand the basics of what is and is NOT allowed on our platform, we’ve decided to share some of our policies, and have created related guidelines. Please take the time to read our policies and related guidelines. Though not an exhaustive list, following our policies and related guidelines helps to keep the Bodaibleu platform a secure and enjoyable space for our global community by listing some basics about what isn’t allowed on Bodaibleu. 

Users can review the basics about what is NOT ALLOWED on Bodaibleu by visiting our policies, which include respective guidelines. Universally, content is strictly prohibited if it:

Is illegal;

Is non-consensual;

Involves minors (under eighteen (18) years of age for the purposes of our child sexual assault material policy);

Impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner with the explicit aim of causing harm or dangerous behavior;

Involves life-threatening violence, snuff, torture, or death;

Involves inflammatory content including violent extremism or political provocation;

Harasses or threatens or encourages others to do so;

Is confidential information; or is spam


Non-Consensual Content Policy

Adult entertainment. The clue’s in the name. Bodaibleu is an adult content-hosting and sharing platform for consenting adult use only. Consent, as a rule and value, is paramount to the security of our users and integrity of our platform. Pornography and other forms of consensually produced adult content are allowed on Bodaibleu. More information on what consent means to Bodaibleu can be found in our Values.

If you upload a piece of content onto our platform without having the valid consent of all participants featured in that content, it is deemed non-consensual content and constitutes a severe violation of our Terms of Service. Furthermore, uploading intimate and explicit sexual images of a person without their consent may be considered a criminal offence in several countries. You may know the term as; revenge porn, sexual image based abuse, or non-consensual porn—whatever it is called…it is not okay.

Non-consensual content not only encompasses what is commonly referred to as “revenge porn[ography],” but also includes any content which would seek to exploit or take advantage of any person or being without their valid consent, or seek to expose or share the identity of a person without their valid consent.

We are steadfast in our commitment to protecting the safety of our users and integrity of our platform and stand with victims of revenge porn and work alongside law enforcement authorities across the globe to assist in the investigation of such offenses involving non-consensual content.